How To Have A Great Time At The Beach In South Carolina

South Carolina is well known for its beautiful beaches. If you want to have a great day out in the sun, you need to plan ahead for your trip. That way, you won’t forget any essential items that you need for your big day out.

Usually, a trip to the beach means that you will be spending a lot of your time in the sun. It is important to protect your skin so that you can avoid getting sunburned. Purchase a bottle of waterproof sunscreen that has a high SPF value. Apply it before you head to the beach. Bring along the bottle with you and reapply it throughout the day. Typically, most experts recommend applying more sunscreen every few hours to prevent burns.

You should also bring a sun hat and sunglasses to provide additional protection. Consider investing in a beach umbrella to create your own shade, as well. Some sunshine is good for you. Too much, however, can cause premature aging and can increase your risk of skin cancer. It can also leave you feeling overheated and exhausted.

You should also bring something that you can sit on. Although the sand is generally soft, it can get quite hot in the sun. A towel or tarp can provide a comfortable place to relax without getting burnt and without having to deal with getting a bunch of sand in your clothing.

You should also wear the right footwear for the beach. Usually, sandals or flip-flops are the best choices. Closed-toed shoes can wind up filling with sand. With sandals, on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about sand getting trapped under your feet since any sand that does get into your sandals will just slide right back out the side again.

Finally, don’t forget to bring along plenty of water. Staying hydrated is essential when you are out in the hot summer sun. Dehydration can not only be uncomfortable but it can also pose a risk to your health. To avoid becoming dehydrated, sip water throughout the day.

South Carolina has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. If you really want to enjoy them, you should bring along essential items. Sun protection gear is important, as are comfortable shoes. Don’t forget to bring something to sit on and pack plenty of water so that you can keep your body hydrated and refreshed.